Why Hire a Medical Recruitment Agency or Contract Sales Force Organization?

Lisa Cove by, Lisa Cove, RN, MSN, NP

I spent twenty-five years as a clinical nurse in the fields of emergency medicine, cardiology, public health, pediatrics, and geriatrics.  Throughout those years, I saw many presentations by pharmaceutical sales representatives. These professionals often do a wonderful job presenting their organization’s slide decks. And yet I found that many presentations didn’t reflect my personal and professional clinical experiences closely enough. They didn’t keep my attention, and that had the effect of diluting their impact. Why would I change my practice to incorporate a company’s product if the sales presentation doesn’t resonate with me?

For five years, I worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) consulting for a pharmaceutical company that recruited me directly from a medical conference. My primary role at that company was to educate staff at various organizations while promoting a product that could help with patient outcomes. As I prepared my talks with company-approved slide decks, I designed those presentations knowing that I would also be sharing my clinical experiences to connect with my audience. This personal connection made them want to learn more about my product’s ability to help their patients. I loved this part of my nursing career because I discovered that sharing my experiences was a teaching tool for educating other health care professionals and making a difference in patient care.

Perfecting this skill for incorporating a personal touch and combining my passions has resulted in my current position as a Medical Recruiter for a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) based in Rochester, NY. This kind of recruitment service has been gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical world because it provides a way to fill and create effective and efficient clinical teams, even as downsizing, reorganization, and mergers are occurring at an accelerated rate.


Clinical Recruiting

Clinical recruiting is a specialty within a specialty that companies are appreciating more and more. They are realizing that hiring a medical staffing recruitment agency to fill vacant positions allows for an unbiased, effective, and efficient use of time and money to get the best candidates. Expert medical and pharmaceutical recruiters have in their arsenal techniques they practice persistently to find the right people to get the right results. Team collaboration coupled with a complete understanding of the industry provides a proven method of targeted medical recruiting and management.

It’s a win-win for any company that wants the best candidates but doesn’t have an in-house department responsible for keeping up with current trends and for searching, interviewing, placing, training and managing staff within specific fields of expertise. A quick turn around in providing excellent talent is only one collaboration away!