4 Steps to Engage an Audience and Attract Them to your Booth at a Medical Conference from Seasoned Medical Science Liaisons and Medical Staffing Recruiters.

Lisa Cove by, Lisa Cove, RN, MSN, NP

Medical conferences can be overwhelming. So much to do; so much to see!
But with these 4 steps outlined below, they don’t have to be.

But first things first: before we get to the 4 steps, you need an active, well-attended booth–but not one that seems so hectic it could trap you for long periods of time. Here’s a checklist:

  • Are your visuals and product displays appealing and colorful?
  • Is the space inviting and lively but not so busy as to appear overly congested?
  • Do your presenters look like the professional, trustworthy experts they are? Specialty presenters, such as clinical nurse educators, make a powerful impact at medical conferences because they come looking like the medical education professionals they are.

As a clinical nurse educator presenting at medical conventions and conferences, I have learned that these 4 easy steps can make a product booth flourish.

Step 1—Draw Them In—
When there are so many options at medical conferences to spend your time, what draws you to a booth or a presentation? The answer is engagement. Be unique, approachable, and intriguing. Eye contact is a powerful tool to lure a potential customer to your booth.

Step 2—Keep Them There—
Engagement isn’t the only key to keeping a customer at your booth long enough to make an impact. It takes only seconds to form an opinion. If you don’t establish a commitment or desire for your customer to stay for a presentation, you may have lost the time and energy you put in to step 1. Concise, personally relevant material along with a captivating presentation will keep potential customers from drifting away.

Step 3— Laughter is the Best Medicine—
A fun presenter who uses humor can be especially memorable. When a potential customer walks away from your booth smiling and laughing, you know you’ve made a personal connection. And happiness connected to a product is a sure win.

Step 4—The Final Impact—
The last second of an interaction is crucial: it can have a significant impact on whether a person will remember their experience. Using personal stories, providing relevant examples, and reiterating or clarifying your message are key to making a presentation memorable.

Your product’s final verbal and visual statement should be, “you need us.” Whether that’s a medical science liaison, a medical staffing representative, a clinical nurse educator, or a pharmaceutical sales representative delivering that message and making that connection with your potential customer, we can help you turn what might seem an overwhelming conference experience into one that is personable, productive, and even joyful.